Welcome Sign Tutorial

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I recently made one of my Pinterest inspirations come to life, a giant, wooden, welcome sign for my front door.  I made mine for $10.50, but all I needed to purchase were the letters to spell "Welcome".  Yours may cost more or less depending on the supplies you may need beforehand.

Supplies needed...

4 2x4 cut to 72" or your desired finished height

2 supporting back boards cut to the width of your sign (width of 4 2x4's was 14")

1 1/4" screws minimum of 8

power screw driver

paint, stain or finish of your choice with application brush or rag

pre-made letters spelling "welcome" or stencils to paint your own 

Start by choosing your 2x4's.  I used this type of wood because it was what I had on hand as extra.  I didn't need to run out and buy anything "special".

My pieces were longer than I needed, so I cut them down to 72" using my Ryobi miter saw.

Next I laid out my boards side by side on a flat surface to make sure they all sat as flush as possible to each "neighboring" boards.  You may need to rearrange their order to achieve a minimal amount of gaps.

Once I had the boards laid out with the right spacing I used two smaller boards on the back to create a brace, to attach them all together.  One near the top, and one near the bottom.

I simply drilled wood screws right through, into each board like this.  Now repeat this step for each end.

Now comes the fun part, finishes!  I wanted to stain mine a dark finish and use white letters for a real pop!  The finishing part is up to you, you may choose to paint the wood light and use dark letters.  Or stain the wood and use dark letters.  Also the lettering can be done different ways.  I actually started this by free handing the "welcome" with white paint and I did a terrible job!  I sanded it all off, restained and used pre purchased letters from the craft store.

This was the stain color I choose and here is what it looks like up close.

Here is a quick shot of the finished product, but not yet in it's permanent home.  I planned to use this at my front door with my fall decorations, but it wasn't quite time to bring out all the fall yet!

Here is a sneak peak of where the sign sits now that Fall is in full swing!  If you would like to see my post on Fall Decor for the front door, click here!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them below or email me at theothersideofneutral@gmail.com

Have a blessed day!