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DIY 3D Paper Snowflake Garland - Tutorial

DIY 3D Paper Snowflake Garland - Tutorial

A few days back I made a fun Pom Pom garland (find the tutorial here) to add to my winter decor. When my daughter noticed me crafting, she wanted to show me how to make a 3D, paper snowflake!  Her sweet teacher taught the class how to make these, my daughter passed that on to me and now, I'm going to teach you!

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~How To Create Your Own Chalkboard Art~

Create Your Own

Chalkboard art has become quite the sensation and it's popularity doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon!  I love "pinning" chalkboard creations on Pinterest and I have even purchased a few downloads to print myself and use at home.  However, I figured there must be a way to make my own!  I started doing some research and found two other bloggers that did a great job explaining ways to create your own...

~We Lived Happily Ever After~ and ~How To Nest For Less~

Both of these bloggers have links on their sites for free downloads as well as instructions.  I will try and recap for you here!

We will be creating these in PicMonkey.  This is a free digital design website, however they do offer upgraded features for a monthly cost if you are interested.  First you will need to find and download a chalkboard back ground as well as digital fonts and pictures.  Although PicMonkey does have plenty of fonts and pictures available through them.  I used the two above mentioned blogs plus some Pinterest searching to find mine.

Blank Chalkboard

This is what the background looks like before anything is on it.  After you have these items downloaded, open PicMonkey at www.picmonkey.com  From here select the 'design' option at the top of the page.  This will open a new page for you to design on and here is where you need to open your downloads.  At the top of the page select 'open', 'my computer' and choose your chalkboard background from it's saved location.

At this point you will need to use the butterfly icon to add overlays to your chalkboard.  This icon is on the left of the screen.  Here you may choose to work with the included images from PicMonkey or upload your own by clicking on the 'Your Own', 'my computer' at the top and again selecting your images from their saved location.  Play around with the picture locations and sizes with the option box that pops up with each new image uploaded.  Once you are satisfied with this portion move on to adding words by selecting the 'text' icon on the left.  Again the same options are available, use the fonts provided or upload your own.

example AddTextHere

There are a lot of options, so play around with your placement of the pictures, boarders and words.  Search Pinterest and google, Chalkboard Art, for more inspiration! Have fun with your creations!  These can be easily printed in 5x7 or 8x10 size and added to picture frames.  I downloaded one earlier in the season (before I knew how to make my own) to print and use at my hot chocolate station.  These are great to personalize for photo ops, school parties, birthday parties, home décor, invitations, special occasion cards...the possibilities go on and on!  I'll leave you with a few more I made.

As for me and my house ~~~ BeStill



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