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~Think Outside the Box ~ Presents and their Presentation!~



With only 14 days left until Christmas, I thought a post on wrapping and a few gift ideas would be helpful today!

Gift giving is such a blessing to my heart.  Giving to others is something I feel honored to do.

More often then not, the presentation of my gifts are as important as the present!

You may be in the same category as me and LOVE to make your gift giving experience pretty and a bit of a show!

Or you may think wrapping presents is just a waste of time as it just gets ripped off and thrown away!  I completely agree with you here when it comes to the kiddos on Christmas morning!

While I like all the wrapping paper to be color coordinated, and  I "assign" each child a print or two of paper, I don't go crazy on their bells and whistles.

Which ever category you fall into, I have taken a few pictures of some gift ideas and ways to present them, as well as a few specially wrapped packages.



Think outside of the box!

Find containers to reuse, or up-cycle, into adorable new containers to hold small gifts.  I find the smaller the gift, the harder it is to wrap if kept in it original packaging.

This container here is just a Crystal Light drink container....I removed the label and added paper, burlap, ribbon and a cute snowman tag!  This can also be used over and over as the lid just snaps off and on!



Know someone who enjoys a cup of tea daily?  Find an amazingly pretty tea cup and saucer and fill the cup with tea bags.

Tie a gift tag and a tiny spoon to the handle and gift away!



Know a busy mom? Ha!  Yourself?!  ;-)  Here I purchased a fun silverware caddie from Home Goods and filled it with pretty napkins, coordinating utensils and straws.

Place the caddie on top of a stack of matching paper plates, wrap it from the bottom to the top with a ribbon and tie it all together.

The tag could say,  "From one busy mom to another, I give you a night free of dish duty!"



Wine giving is very popular these days, and there is a plethora of wine gift bags now available.  Instead of choosing something so predictable, go with a fun wine caddie that will later become a gift in itself as part of their decor!

The caddie here I found at the Good Will so the price was unbeatable!  Choose a red and a white wine, add some ribbon in a couple different sizes and prints.

Finish it with a gift tag and a wine bottle opener tied to the front.  (Please use one prettier than the old thing I scrounged out of the back of my drawer!)



Need a gift for a baker?  Here I used a lovely, domed cake stand and filled it with baking supplies.

I finished the top with a simple ribbon and pretty snowflake.

If you want to add an additional personal touch, include a recipe tied to the outside with those specific ingredients on the inside!



This is a gift I love to give.... a magazine subscription for the year!  Your recipient now has the pleasure of a gift every month!

For presentation purposes I purchase the current issue from the news stand to give with a note explaining how the gift will continue on.

Here I placed the magazine inside a wall mount, magazine rack.  The gift is now complete as future issues can be stored inside.



If you are pressed for time, be thankful many stores are getting creative for us!

Here is one of many boxes I saw available while shopping at Marshall's and TJMaxx this past week.

Fill with lovely goodies, put the lid on and go!


I had a couple other ideas, but do not have the supplies to recreate them for you on hand.

The first being, The gift of Time! Who doesn't wish for more time in our hectic schedules?  For this idea simply find a lovely decorator clock, depending on your budget this could be desk size or wall size,

and tie a pretty bow to it with a tag that reads "The Gift of Time".

The second idea we did with the older boys a couple of years ago, but I can't find any pictures.

We purchased boxed candy, removed the actual chocolates (I will not confirm or deny that I ate those) and added folded dollar bills into each space.

The bills can, of course, range in monetary value depending on your budget.

This was a great one to give as they both went quickly from underwhelmed to overjoyed in a matter of seconds once the top was removed from the box!


Now I will share a few gifts I wrapped just to show you different was to present your present using wrapping paper, ribbons and a few other accessories.

~~~ IMG_0624

This is my all time favorite Christmas print, a red and black buffalo check.  Here I made it girly with some awesome animal print ribbon, a gold tag and a red bow.



Here is the same wrapping paper, yet made to be gender neutral with a fun chalkboard message, "no peeking", tied on with a leftover strip of gingham fabric.



This one looks as though it came from an angel!  Super silver polka dots surrounded by rhinestones and a soft, feathery ribbon.

I added a glitter snowflake for a tad more sparkle!  I wish my camera better picked up on how this just glitters in the light!



This gift works well for packages that need to travel!  By weaving the different ribbons back and forth, you create enough visual interest and a bow is not necessary.

Gifts wrapped this way can be stacked on top of one another with out smashing bows!



This one is lovely and steps away from traditional Christmas colors, while still very much saying, "I'm a Christmas present!"

I just love this blue, snowman toile print, paired with the blue gingham.  Very classic.



Last but not least is a lovely package for a sweet little girl.  Again keeping traditional with Christmas colors isn't always a must!

Here I used pink paper with large gold dots, it's tied with a glitter, pink ribbon and a gold gift tag.  I tucked in a pink lollipop for a whimsical touch!


I hope these ideas now have your gears turning over some new gift ideas and fun ways to present them this Christmas Season.

I am blessed to remember that even if there was not one earthly gift to wrap and give this year, I am thankful I would still have the only gift I need.

The gift of Jesus' birth.  The gift from our Heavenly Father that is always available for the taking.

"I bring you good news of great joy that will be for ALL the people.  Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you: he is the Messiah, the Lord."

Luke 2:10-11


I would love to hear from you, your comments and ideas!

Please remember, we are all human, no one is perfect, so please be kind!