~Let's Get Real

Hi Friends!  Today I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

~~~   Over the last 4 weeks an unusual thing has happened, something I never expected, nor sought after.  I went from 163 to just shy of 1000 (as of this writing) followers on Instagram! Say what?!?!  This is surprising, exciting, and humbling all at the same time.  I'm not sure I deserve it, I'm not sure what I may have done to get people to follow me.  Yet at the same time, I'm happy!  I'm pleased by it and I think, why not shoot for 2000, 5000 heck 10,000?!  How can I do that?  I need to post more pictures of pretty things around my house!  I need to stage perfection in my home and photograph it!  I'm running out of pretty, perfect things to take pictures of!  I need to BUY more THINGS to stage and take pictures of!


STOP!  This is where the truth needs to come in!  Does anyone else see the red flag that is waving in the above scene?  Matthew 6:19 & 20 clearly states "Do not store up for yourself treasures on this earth where moth and rust destroy, where thieves break in and steal.  But store up for yourself treasures in heaven where neither moth or rust destroy and thieves do not steal."

I love the Instagram community I have come to know.  Every person I have come across is friendly, encouraging, happy and sincere!  It is just lovely to "meet" new people that share same interests as me.  I love gaining new ideas and new ways to do things from my new friends.  I love the fun little "tag" games everyone plays asking friends to share things like "what I'm doing now", "favorite spot in the house", "favorite antique find" and "follow Fridays".  Everyone always puts their best foot forward, and I truly do love this.  I am simply going to challenge myself to also put my truthful foot forward!  I am forever showing pictures of my home and even myself, at it's best and maybe leading you all to believe that I live a perfect life.  Maybe you think that my home is always beautiful, clean, put together, organized...every square inch of it. That my hair is always done, makeup is always on and my clothing always matching.  Or that I spend every day working on another fun project.  Well friends, that is false information!


Let's Get real... I have extremely frizzy hair, if I don't spend 45 minutes on it, it becomes the size of Texas.  If it's in a fashionable braid or a cute top knot that's because it's dirty, not because I'm trending!  My face breaks out more in my 30's than it ever did in my teens.  I'm 20 pounds overweight and much more comfortable in my yoga pants (which have never seen a day of yoga) and an oversized sweatshirt.  I don't work out as much as I should and I need to choose fruits and vegetables more often than chips and dip, but I don't. At least one day a month I ignore the "have to's" and binge watch junk TV.  I never make my bed unless I'm putting clean sheets on it, or company is coming over.  If said company were to open any of my closet doors, especially the upstairs linen closet, I would be embarrassed.  My kitchen pantry is a disaster, I'm pretty sure I would find molding hamburger buns behind the dog food container if I bothered to pull it out.  I only clean the fridge if something smells bad, and no one closes cabinet doors around here!  I can never keep up with cleaning the windows, between 2 drooling dogs and 10 hands constantly smearing them, they are rarely smudge free.  Speaking of the dogs, it would be best if you didn't wear black if you come to visit me!  The couch pillows and fluffy blankets that are all staged and sitting pretty for photos are 98% of the time on the floor or being used to build forts or to hop over "hot lava".  All the pretty things on the kitchen counters are usually covered up by dirty dishes.  It may seem like all the rooms in my house are fully decorated but that isn't true either.  My entry way and foyer, the room that is supposed to give the best first impression, is still boasting the builder grade white walls and linoleum flooring.  Which by the way carries through into the kitchen and graces every bathroom floor as well.  All the other rooms still have the same boring, beige, builder grade carpet from 2010...with no plans to replace it anytime soon!  Ahhhh, that feels better!  I hope those of you that I didn't scare away, feel better too!

I understand there is a balance that we all need to find.  I love Instagram because of the pretty things I see there and I know everyone else does too.  It's a great way to set goals and make improvements in our own homes.  I also want to grow my followers, and this blog and maybe, Lord willing, take my home decorating passion and turn it into a real business!  I'm not going to do that if I only post pictures of messes!  We all have our own messes, we don't want to spend our free time looking at others messes!  With that said, that's exactly how I'm going to end this post.  I'm going to show you pictures of my home, in real life.  Enjoy, and don't point fingers too much!  Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read what I'm sharing.

This is the real me, glasses, top knot and all!

I wish I could enlarge this so you could see the finger prints on the sliding glass door.  Please notice the snow boots on the floor, the mail piled on the counter and someone's phone charging out of the designated charging station!

This is the upstairs linen closet, or is it Sophie's toy closet, or is it a shelf at the good will?!  And that's why doors were invented!

See?  Told ya, bed NOT made!

dirty dishes in the sink and cabinet doors open

Very undecorated foyer, all the "left over" stuff seems to find it's way here...

The unorganized pantry...not pretty.  I believe this picture speaks for itself!

This is our office...in what should be the breakfast nook.  The overhead light is off center and this is a high traffic area for us, so I stuck a desk here and TA DA!  Office!  It's never organized and that basket on the end is forever overflowing with weird junk, it's my visible junk drawer!