Home Office Makeover

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The Home Office… do you have one? Do you use one? Do you need one? Before we refinished our formal living room into the space it is now, I answered yes to those last 2 questions. We did not previously have a home office, just a desk in our formal living room. It worked, but not well. Allowing ourselves to use our home in the best way for our family was the way to go. We didn’t need a formal living room, we did need a home office.

Once we decided to make the change I knew almost immediately what desk I wanted to customize for our new space. It was a desk from Ballard Designs that I have been saving and “pinning” since the early days of Pinterest to all my boards! It is the best combination of stock furniture and a custom piece that combines formal and farmhouse perfectly!


I have had this picture of the Tuscan Desk return saved to my Pinterest boards for over 4 years! I have saved it multiple times because every time I came across this pic I knew it would look AND work great in our front room.

The Tuscan Desk system has options to customize this set to fit your space. You can select the large or small desk return and add options like additional book cases or an extra hutch and file drawer. The desk return has 3 drawers on one side and open shelving on the other side. It comes in multiple finishes, the white was originally my first choice, but ultimately I went with the black and I’m so glad I did.

After measuring our wall, this desk choice seemed even more, “meant to be” as our wall measured exactly the size we needed for the desk return, 2 file drawers with hutch and 2 end book cases.

The shipment from Ballard came quickly and it was delivered directly into our office space. The delivery company also unboxed and unwrapped each piece and threw away all the shipping waste. There was very little assembly necessary which my husband really appreciated! We did realize the lateral, hanging file bars were missing. However, one quick call to Ballard Designs and they had them at our front door 3 days later!


As you can see here we have the Tuscan Desk return flanked by file drawers toped with a hutch and a book case on each side. We went with the black finish and against our almost black walls and accented with brass finishes and I couldn’t be more pleased. My husband likes the warm and sophisticated vibe it brings and I like the modern farmhouse feel it brings. One of my favorite extra touches are the lights inside the glass door hutch. They come on with a tap of the inside hinge and highlight special mementos quite nicely.

The desk return is wide enough for 2 people to work comfortably at the same time. We set our work space up with one center monitor mounted to the wall on an extended arm swivel. This allows us to pull the screen out and tilt it towards whichever side needs to view it. Our computer tower is equipped with a connector so each side can easily connect their laptop and work on it alone, or have double screens.

Tuscan Desk Home office

Our home office sees a lot of use, 7 days a week. All members of our family utilize this each in a different way. My husband works from home once or twice a week, I am currently writing this blog post here, my boys use the computer for video games and homework alike and my daughter has done it all from bracelet making while watching you tube videos to guitar practice! This piece of furniture isn’t just pretty, it’s practical too!


All in all we couldn’t be happier with our purchase from Ballard Designs. It functions well, it looks great while doing it, and we expect it to be a part of our home decor for years to come. If you’re interested in taking a closer look on the Ballard website, please click here! You can see for yourself all the customizable options and pick what would work best for your home! plus this week all furniture is 25% off!!! You won’t regret it!

Watch the video above to see how all 5 members of my family love and use our new office desk each day!